Boutique Campsites in North Florida are Coming To Life

After several months, we finally get the sails installed and head back out on the water! Apple is getting behind the wheel more and trying to sharpen her sailing skills but she almost crashed into an offshore buoy!

Dumping Our Boat

After stripping "Freebie" for all she's worth, and obtaining several thousand dollars worth of things, we couldn't give the hull away. The only option left was to take her to the county dump. We're grateful to the couple who gave her to us but the reality was she was very old and not in the best... Continue Reading →

New Cushions for Luna

Since Luna was still anchored we decided to bring some of our new treasures to her and hang out for the evening. We slip our new cushions into the v-berth of our 1983 Catalina 22 and see if we can sleep 2 adults comfortably. Watch and find out!   See you on our next adventure! Follow... Continue Reading →

We Got a Free Boat!

We Got a Catalina 22 for free! A very generous couple gave us a 1973 Catalina 22 with no strings attached and it has quite a few of the very expensive parts we've been missing from Luna. Watch it here! Luckily Rob likes to take a peak at all the sites and see whats for... Continue Reading →

Camping at Super Sebring 2019

Super Sebring 2019 and the Green Park Spring Break Party with the 1000 Miles of Sebring and the 12 Hours of Sebring 2019! Join us as we take Apple for her first time to Super Sebring! We're camping in Green Park and enjoy the wild spectacle that is Sebring! Watch the video, It's a lot... Continue Reading →

Miami Boat Show

We hung out at the 2019 Miami International Boat Show and ran into YouTubers, fans and saw some cool sailboats and gear!       Meeting Sailing Friki Tiki at Halouver Sandbar: Link to their YouTube channels: Sailing Friki Tiki  Pirate Time Sailing Adventures Sailing la Vagabonde See you on our next adventure! Follow... Continue Reading →

Outboard Shopping at Sailorman

We get a great deal on a Mercury outboard at Sailorman. We couldn't let a beautiful Saturday go to waste so we took our newest addition out for a spin around the canals in Hollywood FL and ran into a few surprises.   See you on our next adventure! Follow and Subscribe so you get notified... Continue Reading →

Dinghy Shopping

We drive all the way up to Vero Beach to take a look at a dinghy and then head to Salorman to see what kind of outboards they have for sale. The gentleman who sold us the AB inflatable dinghy was very generous and gave us a great deal on it. It came with the... Continue Reading →

She Made Me Eat Snails!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Last week we went to pay a visit to Le Bistro. A French bistro owned by an instructor from Apple's culinary school that was featured on Kitchen Nightmares! He's a British man with a hell of a character and a great culinary instructor. Le Bistro was a place that Apple would... Continue Reading →

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