VIDEO: Road Trip Through The South

The video is finally here! Watch our great New Years road trip through the south! We had a fantastic time and are already planning our next trip back. The cabin needs to be furnished and we have a few pieces, between out storage unit and Rob’s mom, to make it a little more comfortable. Maybe this spring? Watch the video! See you on our next … Continue reading VIDEO: Road Trip Through The South

Spending the Day in Blairsville and Blue Ridge Georgia

Day 2 in the North Georgia Mountains started a little later than we liked. For some reason when we are on a long vacation (excluding a cruise) we immediately adjust our sleep schedule to falling asleep sleep at 2am and waking up at 10am. But that’s why we go to the cabin at the end of a one lane road that’s 2 hours away from … Continue reading Spending the Day in Blairsville and Blue Ridge Georgia

Exploring the Smokey Mountains

We spent Christmas in the Great Smokey Mountains this year. A change of pace of what we are used to every year with the parties and tons of Apple’s family around. This year we decided to have a quiet holiday in Rob’s mother’s cabin in the North Georgia mountains. We spent 6 days there exploring and sightseeing. We attempted to head to Pigeon Forge Tennessee but … Continue reading Exploring the Smokey Mountains