Join Our Mailing List

We are making progress and have started a proper mailing list! Join us in our next exciting adventure sailing, camping, RVing, cruising, the places we visit, beer and lots and lots of yummy food! There will be a newsletters, giveaways and discounts along the way. Don’t forget to add your birthday, because you might get something special!  join... Continue Reading →

My Birthday Gift

With everything that's been going on, we are very grateful that Robert still has his job and I have been doing my thing from home so we have been able to survive. We even gave up a dining table to move the tv and couch in the former dining room to set up an office... Continue Reading →

Tense Moments on the ICW

Weather forecast calls for a lovely day but the day came and naturally a tropical system was near. So no sailing for us this day. We decided to head south in our Catalina 34 on the intracoastal water way towards Hollywood Florida and drop anchor to cook some lunch when the clouds came rolling in... Continue Reading →

Our Maiden Voyage

Time to take our Catalina 34 for our maiden voyage and see how she sails. We invited our new friends, who also rent a slip on the same dock, for our first time out. Twelve feet is a big difference from Luna so we were glad we had them with us for peace of mind.... Continue Reading →

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