We Are So Bored!

Self isolating day... we have no clue what day it is now but we are trying to keep busy. So far we transformed our front porch into a little oasis with a hot tub and all! But sometimes we need to get out and stretch our legs. Thankfully we have the electric scooters! https://youtu.be/nP9xNI3CJ0k Here's... Continue Reading →

Bars Are Closed! Day 4

Everyone is already hoarding everything and we couldn't even find vegetables or lettuce during our trip to Publix last night. What makes it worse is not only did we have to go back to get a reasonable amount of produce to last us a bit, it was announced bars will be closed. We are doing... Continue Reading →

Driving to Nashville

How we love this mountain air. We can breath so much easier up here. It's too bad we're so far from a cruise port and a boat ramp to launch Luna or we would be up here in a heart beat! I pictured us being those snow bird couples that contribute to the winter traffic... Continue Reading →

Hello North Georgia

We arrived to the cabin at close to 1:30am this morning with some Cheetos and the only fast food restaurant we found open at 11:15pm, Taco Bell, in our bellies. Luckily we left the place tidy, when we left last year, that setting the bed and cleaning up the master bathroom wasn't too horrible. A... Continue Reading →

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