Apple and Rob’s story

Our first date was April 9, 2015 and we haven’t spent a day apart. Since then we have been on many adventures together like motorcycle rides to Disney, cruises in the Caribbean, ridden along side dolphins on our jet ski, camped in the keys, taken road trips all the way up to North Georgia mountains, visited many breweries, sailed our sailboat, and even found the time to get married!

The past few years have been a roller coaster for all of us. Two weeks to slow the spread turned into a long 2 years. Most of the world took this time to reflect on their lives and choices and made many changes. This certainly did not exclude us. We too needed to find where we fit into this new world that’s ahead of us, whether we like it or not.

Since we couldn’t go on cruises anymore, sailing became a new hobby, then RVing, then we built a campground and got a new puppy. We left South Florida and got a home in central Florida where Apple took a job with her family’s business so our time of full time RVing ended quickly.

What the future holds, we may never know. If you asked us before all of this, that so much change would come over the past few years we would say it’s crazy, but thats the funny thing of this great world. We just move along and find adventure where we can!

Sailing, camping, cruising…Let’s go on an adventure!

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