Largest Dude Ranch East of the Mississippi!

We took our new travel trailer on her first weekend trip to the largest dude ranch East of the Mississippi! River Ranch RV Resort is located next to the Westgate River Ranch Resort. They say the birthplace of the American Cowboy is right here in Florida! Makes a lot of sense when you think about... Continue Reading →

She Made Me Eat Snails!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Last week we went to pay a visit to Le Bistro. A French bistro owned by an instructor from Apple's culinary school that was featured on Kitchen Nightmares! He's a British man with a hell of a character and a great culinary instructor. Le Bistro was a place that Apple would... Continue Reading →

Best Adventures of 2018

  We countdown our favorite adventures of 2018 from our cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Northern Georgia.   Our Top 10 Adventures of 2018 Below are our top 10 adventures we had in 2018 and the videos that go along with them.   #10  Pranking Yami   9.  Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show 8. ... Continue Reading →

Jerk Chicken in Jamaica

The last time we were in Jamaica I really wanted jerk chicken! Since I am (was) a chef, one of the most important part of my travel experience is to get to eat local food. I especially would love to try food I've tried already back home so I can compare to know what really... Continue Reading →

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