Sailboat Shopping

UntitledSince we went to Key Largo for the introductory sailing course we both have been pretty obsessed with the idea of getting a sail boat. The instructor Jorge said that the Catalina 22 that we took the lesson on was the perfect 1st sail boat because it is easy to learn on, very trailer-able and cheap. So, we started looking and looking until we narrowed it down to a couple. One in Sanford FL and the other in Jupiter. It was difficult to make appointments with either of the sellers to see the boats. The one in Sanford was a marina and the boat was on consignment and the boat in Jupiter was hard to see because the owner was always traveling for work. It worked out perfectly because it gave us enough time to list and sell one of our bikes.

I told Rob “No new toys unless we get rid of one so without hesitating he said “well, lets sell the WR250r”


I’m gonna miss her, she was fun to ride but we can always buy another one later. At least with the sail boat we can do more and have other people on there with us.

It is going to be a tough decision between the 2 boats here’s a brief list why:

The boat in Sanford



  • Everything is put together
  • its already in the water
  • new everything
  • It has everything including cushions and the dinette table


  • WAY more expensive
  • hull wasn’t in the best shape
  • jell coat was cracking

The boat in Jupiter



  • hull in better shape
  • wood in the interior in A LOT better condition
  • the boat is in better condition over all
  • half the price
  • we can learn a lot by having to put it all together


  • we have to put it all together before we can use it
  • no cushions or dinette table
  • needs a paint job

To find out which boat we chose click here!


See you on our next adventure!

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