Our Fixer Upper Sailboat Update

A quick update on our Catalina 22 sailboat that we picked up about a month ago.

First we want to send a big thank you to our buddy Matt at ProWorx Powersports who has been helping us out with all this work.

We tried to connect everything and step the mast ourselves just to make sure everything was there and we ran into some problems. The first problem would probably have to be rushing into it without really knowing our boat first. Another problem was the crutch in the back wasn’t high enough which we realized after watching some more YouTube Videos. We had a hard time raising the mast and when we finally got it close we noticed the screw was loose that connected the mast step to the support. After more YouTube and googling we saw that it wasn’t going to be to difficult to fix but we decided we definitely need some help by someone who knows a little more about sailboats than we do.

img_3657.jpgMatt has had the boat for about couple of weeks and has made a lot of progress. The wiring has been completely updated. Two battery boxes have been installed. He put new LED salon and courtesy lights. Repaired the mast step which thankfully was an easy fix. The bilge got painted and so many more little things. Rob has been by there several times a week dropping off shopping lists of parts and things.

We took the sail to a sail maker to repair it. They were backed up by a couple of weeks so when we finally received that call, they told us it was irreparable. Our plan was to take her out on a little trip for our honeymoon but with our wedding 16 days away I don’t think we will be buying big ticket items like a new sail right away.

IMG_3623My car broke the other day. The ball joint broke off the front right tire which made the axle to break which somehow caused the oil to completely drain out. I believe it hit the oil filter. There’s a silver lining to this story I promise. This happened in front of a Firestone so the guys immediately came out with car jack and helped me move out of the middle of the road. While waiting for the tow truck, Rob came by to wait with me and we finally stepped into this teak furniture store we keep meaning to stop into some day. The owner was really nice. He saw what had happened to my car and next thing you know we are browsing his shop talking boats. Rob asked if he had some teak we could buy or have him cut for us to make the dinette table because our boat didn’t have it. Next thing I see is Rob holding this piece of teak and the guy said we can have it because we were having such a bad day. Nice people still do exist!


We will update again soon. She is almost done and we can’t wait to name her and put her in the water.

See you on our next adventure!

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