Key Largo Kampground and Jet Skiing Through John Pennekamp State Park

IMG_20170219_141709_798The Keys was always the first place we think of when we have a long weekend. Key Largo Kampground and Marina was the destination of choice the weekend of February 19, 2017. It is an RV Park, Campground & Marina on the Edge of a Coral Reef in Key Largo, Florida. Since we live in Hollywood, Florida, we find that Key Largo is the next best thing to Key West, mainly because it is an hour and 45 min drive and Key West is 4 hours.

We got really lucky booking the campsite. When I had called the first time no one would answer the phone. I waited 30 minutes and tried again. Apparently the campground was completely booked and when I couldn’t get anyone on the phone, it was because someone was canceling their reservation at what we think is the best spot on the whole property. Our site was 1 of 3 spots off in the back corner of the property and surrounded by mangroves.

765-klk_camp_site_mapWe brought the jetski along because the campground will let you use their marina, for an extra charge of course. It was a very beautiful ride through John Pennekamp Park. Which if you have never heard of has some of the best snorkeling and diving around (click on the link). It was February and even though Florida is always hot, that doesn’t mean the water is too. There was no way we were doing any snorkeling but we are definitely planing to repeat this trip, when the water is warmer of course.

A little unsolicited advice before you stay there

It gets dark, like really dark. We had an LED flashlight, a few solar powered pathway lights (that didn’t charge up the next day on the account of the treesUntitled-1 surrounding us) and 2 of these LED camping lights but it just wasn’t enough. If you get a site with electricity then I suggest bringing a few strands of Christmas lights. It illuminates your site without bothering everyone else. Especially if you were like us and up just drinking beer all night while everyone was sleeping. The family next to us had a long strand running across their picnic table when they were having dinner while we were pointing our 2 lights towards the grill trying to cook. We are definitely buying a couple more of those LED lights and bringing some Christmas lights next time we go. They are definitely cheap enough.

Watch out for the raccoons. They will look for food and look in your cooler! It literally scared the s**t out of us when we heard that little punk open our cooler. We thought there was a person out there until we opened our tent and saw the little bugger running off.

It’s not really the partying spot. They have quiet time. It doesn’t say it on the website but they tell you when you check in.

See you on our next adventure!

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Some of the gear we used on this trip! We highly recommend them especially for the price.

Cookware Utensil set
LED Lantern
Tableware Set
Shower Caddy

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What we use:

Handheld Smartphone Gimbal –
Shure MV88 iOS Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone –
Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon –
Porta Potti –
Toilet Paper for Porta Potti –


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