Exploring the Smokey Mountains

We spent Christmas in the Great Smokey Mountains this year. A change of pace of what we are used to every year with the parties and tons of Apple’s family around. This year we decided to have a quiet holiday in Rob’s mother’s cabin in the North Georgia mountains. We spent 6 days there exploring and sightseeing. We attempted to head to Pigeon Forge Tennessee but found the road there was closed do to bad weather. We made it as far as Cherokee, NC and explored a bit before heading back. A few years ago we decided to give each other experiences instead of expensive gifts so this year we did horseback riding. It was Apple’s first time on a horse and it was a really nice hour long trail ride through the mountains at Brasstown Valley Resort just outside Blairsville, GA.

Dinner was at Rib Country most nights. A local chain restaurant that has really good BBQ. We didn’t take any picture or film cuz we were to busy stuffing our faces lol. Watch the video below!

See you on our next adventure!

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