Camping at Super Sebring 2019

Super Sebring 2019 and the Green Park Spring Break Party with the 1000 Miles of Sebring and the 12 Hours of Sebring 2019! Join us as we take Apple for her first time to Super Sebring! We’re camping in Green Park and enjoy the wild spectacle that is Sebring! Watch the video, It’s a lot of fun!



We arrived to the staging area around midnight to get in line. The gates open at 5:30am Wednesday morning and we wanted to ensure at least a decent spot in Green Park. There were hundreds of RVs already waiting and from what we heard, they had been there for several weeks already!

At 7am we finally entered Sebring International Raceway and drove around a bit to look for a nice spot. Apparently since there was a lot of new improvements done to the raceway, the locals were aloud to claim their spots a week prior and the hundreds of RVs that were ahead of us in line all took the best spots against the fence that overlooks the racetrack. Some of those spots are not to be messed with however. A majority of them have been coming to this race for 20, 30 and even 40+ years and camp at the same spot every year. I wouldn’t want to mess with them. There are also some camps that are landmarks there and you wouldn’t want to get in their way. Like Hank and Shela’s Big Friken Tent. It is a huge circus tent, open to everyone, that has live music, a DJ and a full bar. If it wasn’t for them, Green Park wouldn’t be as fun. There is also Turn 10. Its a bunch of friends that take the same spot on turn ten for several years (like over 40 years!), set up huge scaffolding and they welcome everyone to hang out with them.

The races were pretty fun to watch. If you go by the camps alongside the track they usually have the radio on playing the commentary so at least you know whats going on. The hairpin turn is a popular turn. I think it is a cool spot because its such a sharp turn that they cars have to slow down quite a bit and you can really see them. That’s also where you see the fireworks the best.

If you go to the pit area, the only thing separating most of the pits and you is a chain link fence. The video above shows us catching a pit stop and a driver change which was pretty neat. Unfortunately, Corvette racing, the only one we really wanted to watch, was behind the bathrooms so we were aloud to walk halfway down the way to catch a little video before she told us we had to back up. You are also aloud to walk through the paddock. That is where all the trucks are lined up with all the garages. As you are walking down the stretch you can almost touch all the race cars. Only a yellow line on the ground stops you from entering each tent where they made any modifications or prepare the cars for the race. We witnessed them taxi the cars out to the track for practice right in front of us.

The nights were a little loud by where we set up camp. It didn’t really stop us from getting an OK night’s sleep. We were so tired from all the walking around in the sun that by midnight or 1am we were out like a light despite the loud rock band playing across the way.

We are definitely going back next year. Maybe with a little travel trailer or a pop up, or maybe we will just tent camp again. Either way, we might head there a day sooner in hopes to get a better spot in line. I also have a better idea on how to set up our camp to make it more cozy and less likely for people walking through it at night, tripping over our tent staked and stepping on the solar lights, which happened…at about 3:30 in the morning…


Let us share with you a couple of the comforts we brought with us (which I’m so happy we had!):

Portable Outdoor Camping Shower:

Coleman Water Carrier, 5-Gallon:

LED Portable Camping Lantern:

Coleman Camp Propane Grill/Stove+:

Porta Potti –

Toilet Paper for Porta Potti –


See you on our next adventure!

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2 responses to “Camping at Super Sebring 2019”

  1. That was us with the Chocolate Moonshine Cherries, Dan and Andrea your camping neighbor at Sebring…. and our friend JBird 2019 was a blast!!! go Green Park!!!


    • omg sorry I missed this comment!! I shut off notifications on my phone, cant stand the constant beeps and boops lol. Those moonshine cherries were great. We’re so glad you connected with us. Wish we were able to come to Sebring this year but we just have so much going on.


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