Florida Bay Sailing

We almost didn’t take the drive down to Key Largo a couple weeks ago. The forecast called for rain, as usual. The weekday’s are always gorgeous but as soon as Friday comes along… rain, rain and more rain. On top of that, there was a tropical system in the Gulf. We didn’t care, its Florida after all and growing up here gives us the experience to know that if it calls for rain, it probably isn’t going to.

Key Largo is probably one of our favorite keys in the Florida Keys. In less than a 2 hour to drive, you are in a completely different place. As soon as you pass the blue wall, you’re on island time and nothing else matters but having a cocktail and watching the sunset.

Our destination for this weekend was a place we’ve been to before and sad to say we never knew it was there! To the right of the Caribbean Club is a boat ramp where we launched the jet ski from before. That was a really cool trip actually. CLICK HERE to watch that fun day. However, to the left was Florida Bay Outfitters, where they have Hobie kayak rentals, sales as well as an adorable shop and the best part is they do repairs too! Monica and Frank showed us some amazing hospitality and were kind enough to let us take out their Hobie Mirage Tandem Island. We could’t have asked for a better day. It was overcast and a little windy.

Watch the video here:

Our destination: Nest Key. Rob stumbled on this camping island several weeks ago and we’ve been talking about going camping there with Luna, our sailboat, ever since. Rob was searching the maps looking for the best route to take and trying to figure out the best place to launch from (sailing from home will take to long and some of us have to go back to work on Monday morning unfortunately). That’s probably about the same time we discovered Florida Bay Outfitters.

The downside of this day was we learned that Luna won’t make it to Nest Key being she has a 5 foot draft and the waters are pretty shallow in that area. We were told that someone else tried to get there on their sailboat and kept running grounds. Looks like we will have to take out a couple Hobie Tandem Islands, pack some camping gear in some dry bags and go camping anyway! The prices for the rentals were good and they mentioned that you can rent the kayaks for overnight trips too. In fact they already camped on Nest Key and used the Tandem Island to get there.

We ended the great day with a nice meal and a beautiful sunset, 2 doors down at Sundowners. Thank you Monica and Frank with Florida Bay Outfitters for showing us a lovely time. We will definitely be back again soon!


We are extremely excited for the upcoming months and are even more excited you all are here to join us.

I know it’s a bit early but I just designed this Christmas anchor and wanted to share our Teespring store with you.


See you on our next adventure!

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