Sea Trials at the 2020 Miami International Boat Show

The rain finally let up so we went back to Virginia Key to the 2020 Miami International Boat Show to take in the rest of the show. Watch it here:

This visit was a very eventful one. We wanted to see what fuss was all about with these big, fast, multi-engine center console boats so we went on some sea trials.

First up was the Sea Chaser 35 captained by Don Dingman fromthe TV show Hook the Future. Him and his wife were such a friendly couple and the TV show he hosts does a lot for kids.

They were running the Sea Chaser boats all morning for a commercial shoot and from what we understand, the gas gauge needed to be calibrated and unfortunately showed it had more gas than it actualy did. So, it stalled out on us as we were heading out on the sea trial. Maybe next time we can try that one again. The Sea Chaser 27 came to the rescue and we went out to the bay on her instead. The boat was a blast and went very fast. Captain Joel was a hilarious and happens to have a fishing charter in Marathon Key which we plan on visiting in the next month called Ana Banana Fishing Company!

Next up was the Silver Ships RHIB. The original design was for the military and this one had a few more comforts for the civilian consumer. It was larger than the Sea Chaser 27 so the ride was a bit smoother.

Our final trial was the Intrepid Nomad 43. We very much enjoyed this one. Even larger than the Silver Ships with a very smooth ride. We were going 30mph and didn’t even realize it.

Watch the adventure here:


See you on our next adventure!

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