July 23, 2020 Newsletter

There has been so much going on with us these day that we are finally almost caught up with everything we’re behind on. Our latest video of our weekend in Titusville, FL is finally finished and published. The campground we stayed at had a fantastic view of Kennedy Space Center.

What’s Been Going On

We took in a pregnant kitten a few months ago and named her Salem, mainly because she’s an all black cat and I grew up watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch. She gave birth to 4 kittens on June 6th close to midnight, of course underneath our bed. Unfortunately only 3 of the 4 kittens survived. It has been quite the adventure of watching them grow. They are such little blessings but we’re praying for them to finally fully wean. Hopefully it wont take much longer than a couple more weeks. They are the cutest little things but now they can climb the bed and all 4 cats can use the litter box now so we have reached our limit. Our intention was not to keep the little munchkins but to make sure they were delivered safely, to get Salem fixed and put her back out and give the kittens to good homes. We have arraigned homes for 2 of the 3 already.

Meet Willie, Waylon and Coe

Why Haven’t We Been Sailing?

A few weeks ago we took my Dad, brother and brother’s girlfriend out for their first sail. We decided not to film anything and let it be a relaxing afternoon with family, but relaxing it wasn’t! The prop shaft was leaking and suddenly the bilge pump didn’t want to work but we didn’t realize it until we were 3 miles out into the Atlantic Ocean and my brother was like “uhm are we going to sink?” While Rob and my brother was taking care of that, I was checking the weather and trying to avoid a storm that was coming our way. By the time I got Rob’s attention to help me bring the sails in, the storm was on us and we were going over 10 knots! The wind ripped the head sail, right on top of a previous repair, and 5 slides ripped right off the main sail, as well as ripping a nice hole into the main sail too.

I didn’t get any pictures of the main sail before it was brought over to the sail loft but here are some of us taking the head sail down and folding it up.

The sails are going to cost a pretty penny to repair but I’ve been saying this whole time “Smooth seas never made a skilled sailor.” A $1,400 lesson but a lesson nonetheless.

If you feel inclined to, there are a few ways to help us with getting the sails repaired. Visit the “Support Us” page to find out how you can help.

New Channel Trailer

Since we pretty much sold everything in last year’s channel trailer on YouTube, we decided to spruce our channel trailer up a bit.

How’s the RV?

We are having a blast with the new travel trailer! I already have the paint colors picked out and am dying to start giving the trailer a facelift but since the sails are going to take a while to get fixed, we’ve been taking the trailer out a little more than expected. Poor pups, they miss us! I think they will come with us on our next trip. Just need to buy a few things to protect the furniture from their hair and nails.

Disney is Open!

Last weekend we went up to Disney for the first time in forever! No video to come because we didn’t want to run around the parks dying of heat with masks and having to lug around camera stuff too. The parks were at 25% capacity. Most kiosks, quick service and shops were closed but it wasn’t that horrible of a weekend. We got to ride the new Star Wars ride twice!

The New Studio

Since Rob has been working remotely for several months and probably will continue to work from home for a lot longer, my dad and brother built us a desk in our office/studio as my birthday present. It took them just a day to build it but it took me several days to sand, prime, paint and polyurethane it but it looks fantastic. We still haven’t finished getting rid of the old desks and bookshelves as well as moving everything into the new desk but here’s a sneak peak.

Our Next Livestream

The plan is to consistently do livestreams on YouTube every other Thursday. We are doing our best to get our life in order to stick with it. We plan to do a livestream this evening. Hope you can make it!

What do you think of the new newsletter? We are making progress and have started a proper mailing list! Subscribe to keep receiving posts like this as well as lots of other goodies.

Thank’s for being a part of our progress! We enjoyed creating our first Newsletter for you and hopefully this will become a biweekly thing!

Take care, 

Apple and Rob

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