Land Clearing our RV Home Base and Private Campsites in North Florida

There has been a lot of progress made at our little campground in North Florida. We’ve been practically full timing it in our tiny travel trailer for the past few months, only going back to South Florida for Easter with the family and another trip to pick up the dog. But we are not there yet… This video is about this neat machine called a forestry mulcher and how it just grinds anything in its path. Greg Taylor did an amazing job clearing the land in one day and we were able to keep a lot of the trees we wanted while leaving the roots from the others making the ground more sturdy to drive on, since the roots were all still there.

We’re calling the place The Captain’s Hideaway. While we may be a bit behind editing these videos, you can see the progress by following The Captain’s Hideaway social media and mailing list!

Watch the video here

We hope you enjoy and look out for more videos coming soon. In case you missed it, check out part one HERE

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