We’ve Gone Full Time RV

We take you on a tour of our new (to us) Grand Design Imagine 2670MK with an office!

Watch the video here

Hi everyone! It’s been a while I know… With having the say goodbye to our Snoopy, building out The Captain’s Hideaway, selling the sailboat to buy the new camper and rescuing the new pup, 2021 was a very busy and tough year for us. We wish we had more time to pull out the camera and do more fun things. But it’s safe to say that most of the big tasks are complete.

As we do our best to minimize our “stuff” we see the stress is lowering, which gives us more time to plan some fun adventures for this year (and finally catch up on the MANY videos we recorded but haven’t edited yet!!) So be on the look out.

The livestreams are coming back real soon but we are adding a little twist to them so we hope you are going to really enjoy hanging out with us!

We hope you enjoy and look out for more videos coming soon. In case you missed them, check out the 2022 Florida RV Supershow HERE!

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See You On Our Next Adventure!

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