Searching for Local Secrets

We hopped on our scooters on a gorgeous Sunday morning just wanting to explore a Hollywood park in the middle of a train station and neighborhood but stumbled across some local secrets and the famous Yellow Green Farmers market.   See you on our next adventure! Follow and Subscribe so you get notified about our next adventure! Help support our adventures. Become a Patron and receive exclusive … Continue reading Searching for Local Secrets

Launching Our Sailboat For The 1st Time

Here is our almost beautiful 1983 Catalina 22 sailboat. We didn’t want to waste a perfectly good Sunday so we picked up the boat from Matt’s and left the mast there. We decided to put her in for a few hours just to putt around the intracoastal. The funny looks from people who knew it was sailboat without a mast was hilarious. It was fleet … Continue reading Launching Our Sailboat For The 1st Time