Giving Apple a Surprise! 😲

Rob picks a surprise gift for Apple, something she’s been talking about getting for a while! Here’s where you can find the items in our video: GoPro Hero 8 Black – Apple’s Swimsuit Design – Hot tub – Scooters – Subscribe to The Adventures of Apple and Rob on YouTube and keep in touch by connecting with us on social media so you get … Continue reading Giving Apple a Surprise! 😲

Why Can’t We Go To Hollywood Beach? Day 5

Day 5 of our self isolation, we hop on our electric scooters and explore Hollywood. We read that the bridges to the barrier island (Hollywood beach) were closed off and we wanted to see it for our selves. The cops were turning away non locals so we scooted up the bridge and over to Hollywood beach to check out the situation. Thanks for watching our … Continue reading Why Can’t We Go To Hollywood Beach? Day 5