The Soul of a Sailor

You know what we love about the keys? In just a 2 hour drive south you are in a tropical island where everything just slows down. The people are more relaxed and the wind isn’t disturbed by the sound of the city.

aa16a5e40b61b9b64c57c572b0d55731--blue-valentine-sailing-boatFor Christmas I got Rob a Groupon for an introduction to sailing for 2 and we haven’t been able to use until now. We called at the Key Lime Sailing Club in Key Largo Florida early one Sunday morning after we checked that the weather and water were going to be perfect. They said they had room for a sailing at 2pm. So, we hopped on the Harley and made our way there. When we arrived, the owner greeted us with a smile and when Rob took his hat out of the bike I realized I forgot to bring mine. The owner immediately grabbed a hat for me and said to keep it.

We walked to the tiki hut by the water at the other side of the property and met Capitan Jorge. He informed us that we will be sailing on a 22 foot Catalina called “Latin Princess.” I can’t stress enough how perfect the weather was that day. It was definitely an amazing experience.

We had only been on a sail boat once before in Key West for a sunset sail on a 105 foot Schooner and that’s when we knew we were hooked. Click here for the blog post when we went on the Schooner. When the engine shut off the wind filled the sail that was it. On the way back home I was going on and on about how we should take more lessons, sell one of our motorcycles and buy one already. Capitan Jorge was a retired cop and just inspired us. We had some great talks with him as he showed how to use the boat. The one thing he said that really stuck with us was how we need to suck it up with the jobs we don’t like because that is how we need to support our weekend adventures and that you won’t appreciate retirement unless you’ve paid your dues working hard in your life.

Link to the Groupon we used: One Learn to Sail Package for One or Two at Key Lime Sailing

See you on our next adventure!

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