The Most Romantic Thing To Do In Key West

Robert and I both [obviously] have full time jobs and we generally only get Sundays off together. So, when the stars align and somehow we get a Saturday or a Monday  we plan a quick weekend20150906_101717.jpg getaway.

With my student loans, all of our toys (motorcycles, Waverunner ect.) and our attempt to save for a house, we don’t always have a whole lot to work with for these getaways but we still want to enjoy life nonetheless. So, when Robert got off work on Saturday, we packed up the Tahoe with our tent and camping gear, hooked up the Waverunner and made our way to Key West!

We stayed at Boyd’s Campground  which is on Stock Island. That’s the island right before Key West. When traveling on a budget, camping is the most cost effective in the


It was April so the weather was perfect for it. They charge when you bring a watercraft along but they will put your ski in the water and take it out for you. The campsites are small but come with a grill and a picnic table. You have to pay extra for a site with an electrical outlet. We just brought our silent generator or charged our phones in the car.

The facilities were pretty clean. We didn’t spend much time at the campsite other than to shower and sleep so I cant say much about the amenities but I think there was a pool. Most of the afternoon was spent on the Waverunner exploring the islands.

Keep in mind that that the Keys are prime real estate, especially the further south you go. So doing anything down there isn’t cheap…even camping. Your campsite at Boyd’s is pretty small. But you get a grill and a picnic table and the view definitely makes up for it.


Untitled.pngThe moment I was waiting for.
The main reason we decided Key West for this weekend.

We came down for New Years day earlier that year and were killing time before it was acceptable to go to Irish Kevin’s and begin drinking. We came across this beautiful replica sail boat. Some guy named Dex gave us a tour of this beauty and was trying to sell us spots on the sunset sailing. It was kind of expensive but they did offer unlimited beer, wine and champagne. We politely declined and walked around some more. We contemplated going back and just doing it but by the time we said “OK lets go” it was sold out.  So here we are 3 months later. I was so excited!

The two-hour sail included passed shrimp cocktail, a cheese plate, and veggies. Yes it was $85 a person but it was so worth it. It was also kind of why we camped instead of staying at a hotel. When you are out there you hear nothing but the wind blowing through the sails and the waves crashing up on the ship. I don’t think there are words to explain the feeling. I had never been on a sail boat before this so it was an experience. And there was unlimited craft beer, wine and champagne!

The Keys brag about their sunset. Well they have the right to! Take a look at these photos. There would have been more but we were to busy hugging, kissing, watching the sun set, looking into each others eyes and whispering sweet nothings into each others ears. Oh it was our 1st anniversary by the way. 🙂

I can’t wait until we go back!

Classic Harbor Line – Schooner America 2.0

See you on our next adventure!


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