Luna Has A Leak


In between some more more rainy days we finally found the time to clean up Luna and see what we have to do next. That’s when we discovered that she has a leak at the bow. No worries though, we are taking her to Matt’s again to finish up a few things on her and hopefully he has the tools to fix the leak too.

Just a few more things need to be done and a new sail then we can finally get her out in the water and sail! It’s been a couple months since we took her home and we are getting impatient! That new sail isn’t going to be cheap so we are just going to tape up the existing one in hopes that we can play a little bit before it comes apart!

The temporary dinette table we made last week need some modifications. We posted that video in a Facebook group we are part of for Catalina 22 owners and they all pointed out that we really need to round the edges! Here’s a link to the FB group:

We still need to decide if we want to paint her and if we even plan on changing her name. Luna isn’t so bad after all. But Breaking Wind will be funny! Imagine calling up to the bridge operator!

See you on our next adventure!

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Thank you to our buddy Matt at who has been helping us out with all this work.

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