Our Experience at Disney’s California Grill

We arrived at the Contemporary Resort early to check in to ensure the maitre d’ sat us in perfect view of the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. These reservations were made over 6 months ago to make sure we had the best table for Apple’s birthday. Since we arrived really early they let us up to sit at the bar area while we waited. We started with a short-rib appetizer and some cocktails. The short-ribs were unbelievably tasty. short ribs

Our table was ready early and since the fireworks were not for another 3 hours or so, we decided this was going to be an all night affair and that was the waiter’s idea. What a great guy, I wish we remembered his name for our next visit.


The next course was the charcuterie. It was a very lovely selection of meats. The duck was my favorite and Rob loved them all.


For the main course I ordered the dungeness crab over spaghetti with bone marrow crumb and blue crab butter. Rob ordered the pepperoni pizza. I know, it was a little weird going to such an amazing restaurant and only ordering a pizza. At first I thought it was because our bill was going to be so high and he was just trying to be frugal but when I took a bite of his pizza it almost made me regret getting what I ordered. Almost but not quite. The dish was amazing. You can tell the spaghetti was fresh made and the bone marrow crumb was crunchy for some reason. I loved every bite.


We took our time just enough for the lights to dim in the restaurant and we were able to watch the fireworks show “Happily Ever After” at the Magic Kingdom from our table. It had rained a couple hours prior and the windows were still wet but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the show, it just ruined any photo or video we tried to take.fireworks.png

I really wanted desert but we had no more room. To be honest I was getting a little worried about the size of the check. I kept ordering these delicious blueberry martinis and Rob’s beers were not that cheap either. We did forget one small detail, we are on Disney property and I was still wearing my birthday button. So the waiter brought us out a Boston cream cupcake with a candle in it and the couple next to us (who we have been chit chatting with most of the night) joined Rob as he sang “happy birthday” to me. A perfect ending for a perfect day.


See you on our next adventure!

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