Fitting a New Bimini Top to Our Catalina 22

We got a new bimini top for our Catalina 22 sailboat and it turned out to be higher than the boom. It was the perfect size otherwise so we decided to cut it down and make it fit. Take a look at our step by step process.


See you on our next adventure!

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What we use:

Gimbal –
Condenser Microphone –
Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon –
Porta Potti –
Toilet Paper for Porta Potti –
Night Vision Camera –

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2 responses to “Fitting a New Bimini Top to Our Catalina 22”

  1. Just found your YouTube channel this morning. You guys made a haul. Hence my question-do you still have your old bimini and if so would sell it?
    We don’t get out very often, once last year and our Honda o/b lost a pin and wouldn’t go into gear. Haven’t been out this year but there’s still hope.


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