Hanging at Walt Disney World for Independence Day and Apple’s Birthday

The first thing anyone would say when they found out we were spending 4th of July weekend at Disney was “hell no” or “you guys are crazy!” Independence Day at the parks is expected to be insanely busy especially when the fireworks are to go off. But if it is one thing Disney knows how to do well, it is to move people. This isn’t their first rodeo. They anticipate the crowds.

Magic Kingdom scheduled their Disney’s Celebrate America! A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky for the 3rd and the forth. So, just in case we did Epcot on the 4th, Rob wanted to make sure I had seen the Magic Kingdom fireworks first. Rob has always been a passholder. At one point in his 20’s he had an annual pass to not only Disney but to Universal and other parks. Me on the other hand, I was busy training to be the next celebrity chef. In fact there was a good 10+ years that I did’t go to the parks. To make a short story long, I never experienced Disney during the holidays or any way other than going with the family, waiting in long lines and only riding 4 rides. So, when he said “Baby, I booked an AirBnB for 4th of July weekend and your birthday” I knew I was in for a treat!

The fireworks were incredible! I had goosebumps throughout most of the show. And the grand finale… wow! Click on the video to see it, but let me tell you that wont do it any justice! No matter where you are in the park, you will see fireworks and at the end, as they were finishing the “Star Spangled Banner” a 360 of fireworks surrounded the park!


The night got more exciting when the fireworks were over. There were DJ’s set up in all the lands and were spinning some popular songs. And yes, I joined them when the DJ’s in Frontier Land played the Macarena! You will be able to laugh at that in the video.

The next morning, July 4th, we pop into Animal Kingdom to go ride Flight of Passage and planned to meet up with our friends Corey and Tee. As we are walking to Pandora, in the Animal Kingdom, we saw a group of people that had a private tour guide heading in the same direction. Hmm who could that be? We really hate to get all fan girl on people especially when they are with their family so we tried not to be obvious when I ran ahead and turned back around to see it was Chris Kattan. So, quietly Rob asked if he was Chris Kattan and I went a tiny bit fan girl! Thankfully I didn’t embarrass myself too much. Fan girl mode only lasted about 15 seconds. You an watch that in the video too haha. We were polite as can be and tried to give him his space and wished his family a happy 4th but he kept talking to us the whole way to Pandora!


We hosted our first official Meet and Mingle with our Annual Passholder Facebook group on July 5th. The meet up was at the Hollywood Brown Derby at Hollywood Studios and it was a lot of fun! We were to busy getting to know everyone that we hardly recorded anything!

We made reference to not being able to wait for Mark Daniel post a video about his Porg meeting Chewie… Check out what we were talking about on his YouTube channel here!

We started July 6th a little late because Rob was sick. By the time we got to spend any time with our friends at Epcot, they had to head back home and then the rain came… So we decided to go resort hopping on the Walt Disney World monorail.

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Our first stop was The Grand Floridian Resort where we did a little browsing in the shops and Rob got the band to sing Happy Birthday to me. That is definitely in the video, you have to see it, I go so embarrassed!

Our next stop was The Polynesian Village. We looked around in the shops and I got laid hehe. My birthday wasn’t until the following day (Sunday) but we were leaving then so I wore my birthday shirt and button and we celebrated on Saturday. We tried to get a bite and a cocktail at Trader Sams but the rain brought everyone inside. The wait was over an hour and a half to get a seat. So, explored the resort a little more and moved on to the next Resort.

There was a resort launch boat in the back that took us to Magic Kingdom so we can pick up a bus to the Yacht Club. The rain had turned into a bearable mist and the sun was setting which made for a beautiful ride. I really enjoyed the Yacht Club’s New England Feel being that I am from Massachusetts originally. We walked through both the Yacht Club and Beach Club resorts as they are connected and passed by the beautiful pools and delicious smelling restaurants where we grabbed a snack at the Compass Market to hold us over. We were balling on a budget so dinner was off property this evening.


On the final day of our Independence Day/my birthday weekend, July 7th, we head to Port Orleans Resort for a boat ride on the Sassagoula River to Disney Springs for breakfast at Earl of Sandwich and shopping. The rain put an early end to a relaxing last day in Disney. We returned to Port Orleans Resort to taste the famous beignets and made birthday wishes in the fountain.

See you on our next adventure!

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