Hello North Georgia

We arrived to the cabin at close to 1:30am this morning with some Cheetos and the only fast food restaurant we found open at 11:15pm, Taco Bell, in our bellies. Luckily we left the place tidy, when we left last year, that setting the bed and cleaning up the master bathroom wasn’t too horrible.

A good 8 hours of sleep was just enough to re-energize for a full day of cleaning. We had to move the dehumidifier from room to room in between cleaning all the surfaces and wiping the windows. But after our inspection of the exterior, we discovered since we don’t come up here enough, carpenter bees and flying squirrels did a good amount of damage to the beams on the porch.

Luckily you will find a good amount of nice small town folk that will come to your house after dinner to take a look and prepare a quote for the repairs. The wife came along with him and she gave me all sorts of great advice for the area.

We always make sure to stop in for dinner at least once to Rib Country for the smoked brisket and sweet tea. That’s a local BBQ chain here and even though they raised the prices significantly since last year, it’s still a really great meal.

Tomorrow’s plan is unknown. I find that when we plan too much it never turns out to be as exciting. There are a couple of chores we need to finish since we’re here but we are on the search for a fun spot to ring in the new year. There’s a fancy place up the way that charges $50 per person that doesn’t include an open bar and another place that is a fun spot with great drink specials however this bar is in a city who’s cops are the ones who sit outside of a bar that watch you go in and wait for you to leave so they can get you with a DUI. My aunt in the Nashville area invited us their way and talked about all the fun things to see there. Neither of us have been in well over 10 years so we are definitely considering. Visiting an area you don’t go to often is like taking a cruise. You only have a small amount of time to make the most of it and there are so many options!

We hardly took any pictures or videos of today because it was a work day but our batteries are charged and ready to see what tomorrow has to offer!

Stay tuned and find out what adventure we take! For now, some TV and a beer in front of the fireplace.

Good night y’all!

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