Spending the Day in Blairsville and Blue Ridge Georgia

Day 2 in the North Georgia Mountains started a little later than we liked. For some reason when we are on a long vacation (excluding a cruise) we immediately adjust our sleep schedule to falling asleep sleep at 2am and waking up at 10am. But that’s why we go to the cabin at the end of a one lane road that’s 2 hours away from any big city, so we can slow down and quiet our minds. We take our time and enjoy not having to rush through everything to get to the next task. It was nice to enjoy breakfast at the table and not standing over the stove rushing out the door.

I remembered this place off the main road that we always passed by going to and from the cabin. I would always say “we have to stop there and check it out” every time we passed it. I’m glad we waited until now to finally visit because we wouldn’t have appreciated it as much as we did this day. The place is called Sleepy Hollow and the artist creates beautiful hand made whimsical fairy and hobbit style houses from small birdhouse size houses to large treehouse size playhouses.

As we were getting dressed deciding what to do and bundling up because our Florida blood couldn’t handle the 40 degree weather, I decided to Google the place before we stopped in. As I read the story about Sleepy Hollow and the artist, I became ecstatic when I found out he is a former Disney imagineer! He was also an artist who contributed to Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch as well as well as Universal Orlando resort and Dollywood to name a few. I called right away to confirm they were open and will allow us to come with our camera and meet him.

We only planned to stop in for an hour or so to get some footage and say hello to former Disney Imagineer, Art Millican but it turned into a 2 1/2 hour visit just chatting it up, discussing passion for the arts and our love for Disney. It turns out his home town is not too far from my home town in Massachusetts. He asked if I was and artist and I said no… I corrected myself and talked about my mediums and how I would consider myself one if I had more time to practice. Call it being too humble but I felt so unworthy to call myself an artist in the presence of an imagineer. They are celebrities in my book.

It was such an amazing visit that the entire drive to Blue Ridge I was trying to convince Rob to move up to the cabin and see how we could convince Art to hire me so I can be an apprentice and just learn anything I can.

Blue Ridge is just about 30 min up the road from Sleepy Hollow. We were starting to get a little hungry and remembered that the town has a quaint downtown area with shops and restaurants. The Blue Ridge Scenic Railway starts there as well. Unfortunately we won’t be taking that trip anytime soon because of the price (about $44 to $79 per person) but we hear it’s a lovely ride. 

We had a good time exploring all the different shops and discovered a nice IPA named Tropicalia from a brewery in Athens, GA called Creature Comforts Brewing Co. We were not able to have dinner due to the sheer volume of people. They decided to stop taking orders after we got our beer and when we left, another restaurant had a wait of over 2 1/2 hours to get a table.

I settled for some fresh pecan flavored fudge and we made our way back to the cabin for a home cooked meal.

Stay tuned for our drive to Nashville on New Years Eve. Now I really understand that it’s not the destination but the ride because it was a beautiful 4 hour drive there.

And a great video to come once we get back home with some wifi.

See you on our next adventure!

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