Best Small Quiet Generator – Cummins Onan P4500i

One problem we needed solving lately was being able to boondocks a night or 2 on the RV before or after going to a campsite. Why you ask? Well, so we can take longer weekend trips and Rob can work from the RV. All he needs is an internet connection, power to the laptop and… well… air conditioning!

We wanted something that would also be perfect for the sailboat too, because after all, sailboats are just floating RV’s anyway. Our biggest hinderance from taking the sailboat or RV anywhere further than a few hours from South Florida is Robert’s job. Haha I know how that sounds! Work really does get in the way of our play (that’s so sarcastic by the way)!

After months of research and testing our small generator and my dad’s Honda EU3000is (which worked but was super old and leaked a bit), we came the across the Cummins Onan P4500i. The only problem was it was always sold out and that’s why it took us months to research. One day it magically appeared, only 1 in stock so we stanched it up faster than a fat kid eating cake.

In this video, we unbox and review the Cummins ONAN P4500i Digital Inverter Generator. We find out if it can start a 15k BTU A/C and remain relatively quiet under load. We use our Db meter and test the sound levels as well.

Buy a similar generator on Amazon (the one we just reviewed is not on amazon right now. We Will edit this link when we notice it is available again)

Visit Cummins website for more detailed information:

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