August 25, 2020 Newsletter

Hey y’all! In case you missed it, our Tuesday Night Livestream was a lot of fun! We talked about the storm we got into that damaged our sails as well as our upcoming road trip! Check it out here:

Speaking of our upcoming road trip. We picked up this generator for the trip and for any other time we plan on traveling while Robert has to work and needs electricity (and AC). This is the unboxing video but I feel like a full review should follow this video when we get back from the trip to tell you what we really think after using it.

Road trip route – 1st draft

We had a cruise booked for the end of August and I don’t need to remind you of the world we are living in now to know that it’s been canceled. We decided to keep the days off of work and still do some sort of a trip whether it be a week long sailing trip or to spend some time at Rob’s mother’s cabin in Northern Georgia, we were going to get away and do something exciting!

Last week we finally came up with a first draft of a route to take for our very first road trip (maybe we will come up with a clever name for it soon lol)! Rob really wanted to go more west because of all the amazing things to see but we decided on something a little closer to home for our first time mainly because we aren’t sure if our old Tahoe would make it. God forbid we were in South Dakota and thats when the Tahoe decides to die!

Once we figure out what to do/see in Mississippi and Alabama then the next step will be to research the campgrounds and then we will see how this route will be modified some. We can’t even tell you how excited we are for this trip! Fingers crossed the storms don’t cause any damage!

The poor dogies are staying home this time, thanks to my mom and dad who are our neighbors. There is still a lot of renovating and modifications that needs to be done to our travel trailer (I really feel like we should name her shouldn’t we?) that we haven’t gotten to the dog proofing part just yet.

We would absolutely love to hear from you about this route! What are some of the must see places and must eat places as well!

If you feel inclined to, there are a few ways to help us with this road trip. Visit the “Support Us” page to find out how you can help. That even includes just doing your normal shopping on Amazon through our affiliate link.

This weekend’s adventure

This weekend’s adventure took us up to Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campgrounds for the weekend. For the first time in a while (of ever) we hung out at the campground more and be at the parks less. It was very exciting because not only is it a lovely campground, you get the “Disney Magic” as well. There may or may not be a video coming… 😬 We hardly pulled the camera out.

RV progress

Phase 1 of the RV Facelift is complete. Video is coming soon. The cabinets are 80% finished (there is still the one in the bedroom and that involves us taking out the bed and everything) and the backsplash in the kitchen is complete. What a pain but so worth it!

Look out of the post coming soon. I will link all the items we used in the project.

Our Next Livestream

The plan is to consistently do livestreams on YouTube every Tuesday. We plan to do a livestream this evening to talk about our road trip and more! Hope you can make it!

What do you think of the new newsletter? We are making progress and have started a proper mailing list! Subscribe to keep receiving posts like this as well as lots of other goodies.

Thank’s for being a part of our progress! We enjoyed creating our second Newsletter for you and hopefully this will become a biweekly thing!

Take care, 

Apple and Rob

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