Camping at Lake Louisa State Park and a New Truck!

We went camping at Lake Louisa State Park in central Florida, but first we need a new tow vehicle. Come along on this adventure as we explore the area, discover some good eats and taste some local craft beer.

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Introducing our new pickup truck, affectionately named “Snow White”! We picked her up just in time for our camping trip to Lake Louisa State Park which we booked with a group of friends right when we bought the travel trailer.

Lake Louisa State Park is located in Clermont, Florida and just a short drive to Disney. You really don’t feel like you are still in Florida when you pull into the state park. There are hills everywhere and I don’t think we even saw a palm tree throughout the whole park.

The price was right at just about $55 for the whole weekend but be sure to bring ant killer and bug spray. Most of the sites only had electrical hook up but there was a dump station on the way out so keep that in mind when planning your visit there.

Downtown Clermont was a very nice area full of cute shops and a few market place type spots like The Downtown Exchange, which is where we visited. It was full of little booths of various yummy eats, gifts and a craft beer bar downstairs.

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