2018 Dania Beach Vintage Motorcycle Show

Rob and I have been trying to go to this motorcycle show for years now and every time it comes around he has to work. This year he is working for a different company where he has the weekends off so we finally got the chance to go. It was a lot of fun. There were rows and rows and rows of vintage bikes! I might have been a little bias in my video (below) with Triumph because I used to have a Bonneville and I swear I wanted to buy all of them.

It was amazing to see how well kept these bikes were. The best part…they all run. After watching that Discovery Channel’s mini series Harley and the Davidsons, we really became more aware of the older Harley bikes and then seeing a 1915 that was in running condition was just amazing. The owner of the bike seemed a little upset when another gentleman asked if it ran. I just couldn’t believe it when he said yes. That bike is over 100 years old!

It was a nice little treat to see someone else start up his 1947 Harley for us. Watch it on the video below. There were tons of vendors and local dealerships showcasing the new bikes. All the way in the back of the park were a bunch of tables set up with people selling old bike parts and pretty neat second hand items. I scored a really cool pair of cowboy boots to use as decoration for my bridal shower.

If you are ever in the area next year and are even slightly into motorcycles we really recommend you check it out.

See you on our next adventure!

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