Why Can’t We Go To Hollywood Beach? Day 5

Day 5 of our self isolation, we hop on our electric scooters and explore Hollywood. We read that the bridges to the barrier island (Hollywood beach) were closed off and we wanted to see it for our selves. The cops were turning away non locals so we scooted up the bridge and over to Hollywood... Continue Reading →

Bars Are Closed! Day 4

Everyone is already hoarding everything and we couldn't even find vegetables or lettuce during our trip to Publix last night. What makes it worse is not only did we have to go back to get a reasonable amount of produce to last us a bit, it was announced bars will be closed. We are doing... Continue Reading →

Florida Bay Sailing

We almost didn't take the drive down to Key Largo a couple weeks ago. The forecast called for rain, as usual. The weekday's are always gorgeous but as soon as Friday comes along... rain, rain and more rain. On top of that, there was a tropical system in the Gulf. We didn't care, its Florida... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Summer, Hello Florida Fall!

We're very excited to announce that the summer is just about done and we're taking a  little break from all the Disney shenanigans for a little while. If you are not aware, we are Annual Passholders, and run some of the largest Disney Annual Passholder Facebook groups as well as a Disney YouTube Channel. So... Continue Reading →

Dumping Our Boat

After stripping "Freebie" for all she's worth, and obtaining several thousand dollars worth of things, we couldn't give the hull away. The only option left was to take her to the county dump. We're grateful to the couple who gave her to us but the reality was she was very old and not in the best... Continue Reading →

New Cushions for Luna

Since Luna was still anchored we decided to bring some of our new treasures to her and hang out for the evening. We slip our new cushions into the v-berth of our 1983 Catalina 22 and see if we can sleep 2 adults comfortably. Watch and find out!   See you on our next adventure! Follow... Continue Reading →

Camping at Super Sebring 2019

Super Sebring 2019 and the Green Park Spring Break Party with the 1000 Miles of Sebring and the 12 Hours of Sebring 2019! Join us as we take Apple for her first time to Super Sebring! We're camping in Green Park and enjoy the wild spectacle that is Sebring! Watch the video, It's a lot... Continue Reading →

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